Steampunk DJ Booth

DJ Lex • The Steampunk DJ

The booth is a functioning DJ booth and art piece which contains moving gears/cogs, functioning steam pipes, and 6 phonograph horns. Although Lex can spin most dance music formats, he recently created an entire set list of unreleased Electro Swing Mashups that brilliantly matches the style of the booth.

Lex was inspired to build it after being part of an opening performance for the Black Keys at a corporate event. The opening performance was a trapeze and stage designed by Cirque Mechanics (Las Vegas), with drummer aerialists, acrobats, and DJ platform mounted 20 feet in the air. All the performers had vintage outfits that leaned toward steampunk.

When Lex was asked to perform at the Zion Canyon Music Festival, the idea of a steampunk DJ booth became a reality. It’s now an ongoing project and constantly evolving, getting bigger and more elaborate.

If you’d like to book the DJ Lex and the booth, use the contact form here.

Steampunk DJ Booth Dcon

DJ Lex Steampunk DJ Booth DCon